Recruitment Overview

The Recruitment tool allows for an end to end solution that integrates with public job listings sites and your World Manager platform. 

It allows online applications and applicant tracking management though the different stages of recruitment through to automatic account creation with your platform.

For a detailed video look into the Recruitment tool please check out this video then take a look through the recruitment workflow below. 


Processing Applications

Candidate Applies

The candidate applies through Career Site, SEEK, Broadbean, or Internal Job Board.

Did Candidate Pass Minimum Score?

The candidate’s score is calculated based on their answers in the application, and it is compared to the Minimum Pass Score.



Application Added to Talent Pool

Application is added into the Talent Pool for the relevant position, and the candidate receives email stating application is being reviewed.

Auto Decline Email Sent

The candidate automatically gets sent a decline email.


Progress to Next Stage?

After reviewing the candidate's application, is the recruiter happy to progress to the next stage?



Candidate Receives Invitation

Candidate receives email inviting them to participate in next recruitment stage.

Decline Email Sent

Decline email is sent. Application is removed from position Talent Pool, but remains in National Talent Pool.


More Recruitment Stages?

If there are more recruitment stages in hiring for the position, take the candidate through these, deciding whether to progress or decline them at each stage (i.e. refer to the Progress to next stage? flow above).


Hiring Candidates

Is Recruiter happy to offer position?

After taking candidate through all recruitment stages, is the recruiter happy to offer the position?



Offer Position

The recruiter selects Offer Position button in the Talent Pool, which opens the Offer Position stage.

Decline Email Sent

Decline email is sent. Application is removed from position Talent Pool, but remains in National Talent Pool.


Send the candidate a Contract?

Does the recruiter want to send a contract package to the applicant through Contract Generation?



Contract Generation

The recruiter selects "Save and Start Contract". They are taken to the Contract Generation tool to begin filling out a contract for the applicant. Click here to find out more about the Contract Generation tool.

Progress to Hire

The recruiter selects the "Progress" button. The user is then moved to the Hire stage.


Setup New Account?

Does the recruiter want to set up an account on the platform for the new starter?



Account Creation

The user account details are prefilled from the recruitment process and account is created.

Process Complete

The process is complete and the window can be closed.


Welcome Email

The new starter will receive a welcome email with login details, and can begin reading communications or complete training modules.

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