Setting up the Career Site iFrame

You can show your recruitment positions on your company website by using the 'Career Site iFrame'.

The career site iFrame will display any positions that are marked as 'External' in the platform


Enabling the External Career Site

To get started you will need to enable the external Careers Site within the country's Recruitment settings.

You can enable this setting by following the steps below:

  1. Select the country
  2. In the left-hand menu go to Human Resources → Recruitment
  3. Click on 'Settings'
  4. Click on 'Career Site Settings'
  5. Tick 'Enable External Careers Site'
  6. Click 'Update' to save changes

Obtain the Code to use for the iFrame

You can find the iFrame code in the Recruitment settings under Step 4.

Note: You can only display positions for 1 country at a time in the iFrame. However, there is s setting to enable a country dropdown filter in the career site setting that will let you swap between countries. To obtain the iFrame code to use for each country you will need perform the steps above for each country.

Place the code on your website

You will need to contact your company's web developer or have access to your website to place the HTML code on the web page.

Note: If the iFrame is blocked the cause could be the webserver your website is hosted on is not recognising the 'src' in the iFrame code as a complete URL. In which case, adding a slash next to "careers" in the src may resolve the issue (e.g.


Tip: The iFrame will resize to fit the height of its content by default. 
For the iFrame to resize correctly, the URL for the website the iFrame is hosted on will need to be present in the iFrame's src query parameters (url). The accompanying crossdomain.js script will then read a message that contains the height to use for the iFrame, & and adjust the iFrame's accordingly.

If you would like to instead set a static height for the iFrame you could contact your web developers and ask them to omit the crossdomain.js script and instead set a fixed height for the iFrame & enable scrolling.

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