Creating an Internal Job Ad

There are 4 ways in which you can advertise a job position:

  1. Internally within your World Manager Platform, which only appears to targeted active accounts within your platform
  2. Externally on a company website
  3. Externally with Seek 
  4. Externally with Broadbean

With all 4 advertising types you can choose to advertise to 1 or to all.

In this article we are going to show you how to advertise Internally.

Note: Before creating an Internal job ad, All recruitment templates need to be set up in Human Resources → Recruitment  → Templates 

1. From National level go to Human Resources → Recruitment → All Positions → New Position

2. Select the Position Template you wish to use for the Job Position (You will notice it pre-loads default information but can be changed to suit the Ad)

3. Fill out the Position Details including: 

  • Name - Name of the Position and generally includes the area or store name in the title. e.g. Store Manager - Sydney Flagship
  • Salary - (Optional)
  • Short Description - Displayed on the main job page in Recruitment
  • Long Description - Displayed after clicking more information on the Advertised Job

  • Target Location(s)  - What location(s) the position will be filled at
  • Target Accounts(s) - What user(s) the position will be managed by

4. Select who will received application notifications for this job 'Notify Assigned Managers of Applicants' and/or 'Notify Myself of Applicants'

5. Set the appropriate option for 'Cover Letter' 'Resume' and 'Video Resume'

6. Set optional 'Featured Position' - Note this makes the ad stand out

7. Set Available as 'Active' only when you are ready to make this Ad Active.

Tip: You can always come back into the Job details and set to 'Active' at any stage

8. Set the Advertising Type to Internal and click Modify to choose what locations you wish to advertise this Job. 

9. Click Save

10. You will now see your Job Ad on the 'Positions' Page as below, can also be found by going to Human Resources → Recruitment 

Note: this page is only accessible by Administrators

11. Once the Job has been made Active, targeted locations will be able to see the advertised position internally. Example below can be accessed by going to Human Resources → Recruitment:

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