Employee Activity Report

Welcome to our continued series of blog posts, brought to you by your Relationship Managers. These posts are intended for platform administrators who have World Level access within the platform.

One of the most under-utilized options available in the Stats & Reports tool is Employee Activity Reports

Generating this report for any active user tells you what they’ve done on the platform since their account was created. This sort of information can be useful if you want to see the time and date stamps for when notices were read or training was completed, or even if you just want to export a user's end to end history of platform usage.

Note: Employee Activity Reports are only available to World Manager and National Manager account groups.

To run this report:

  1. (From World or National Level) Click System → Stats and Reports → Employee Activity Reports
  2. Either select the Employee name from the drop down, or filter this list down by selecting any combination of account group or locations.
  3. Select if you would like to break down the report by Tool or by Chronological Usage History 
  4. If you wish to limit the amount of data by Date Range, you can select this option
  5. Select the data you wish to include in the report
  6. Select if you want the summary or detailed amount of information for each section of data
  7. Click Generate

If you have any queries about using the Employee Activity Report functionality within the Stats & Reports tool, please contact your Relationship Manager who would be happy to chat about it with you!

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