E-Learning Events Tracking and Completion Duration

At FranConnect, we understand that ensuring compliance training is up to date and relevant in your industry is important which is why we have added the latest enhancements to FranConnect's Training products:

  • Event logs for E-Learning: Administrators can track when content was created and by whom.
  • Date Validation: Often periodic training requirements change so adding date validation ensures E-Learning modules are up to date.
  • Hover cards: Consistent with other areas of the platform we have also included hover cards to find information about the user as seen below.
  • Changes to the ordering of the E-Learning template: Ensuring content can be attached within the flow of creation and providing validation when multiple content files are detected, as well as duplicate files.

Multiple Files

Duplicate Files

  • New feature for completion time: When a learner starts a module, they can now get insight into how long the module should take, allowing them to plan their training sessions and set aside appropriate time to complete their training.


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