Deciding which widgets to use on your dashboard

Welcome to our continued series of blog posts, brought to you by your Relationship Managers. These posts are intended for platform administrators who have World Level access within the platform.

Were you really inspired by our "Removing widget headers for a sleek and professional looking dashboard‍" post, but aren’t quite sure where to start with your choice of widgets?

One role that the dashboard can play on your platform is to engage your users and give them easy access to tools and files they regularly access.

Within the Stats & Reports tool, you can actually run a report to see which file is most regularly downloaded by your users. Once you’ve generated this report, you can make some informed decisions on what files you might like to create widgets for to save your users a few clicks and make the dashboard more relevant to them!

To generate this report:

  1. (From National Level) Go to SystemStats and ReportsCommunication/I.T. Stats
  2. Using the Target Group selector, select the account group(s) you wish to view this information for (it is useful to run the report targeting a specific group so you can decide on the best dashboard layout for each level of the hierarchy).
  3. Tick the Date checkbox and change the date range to an appropriate time span. In the attached example, we are asking the report to show us the most downloaded files since the start of the year.
  4. Select the Downloads report type.
  5. Select Generate

The report will generate showing you the most downloaded files at the top of the list. 

In the below example, the Key Administrator may decide to create a widget for New Employee Questionnaire, Expense Form and Off The Shelf Brochure as they are the clear leaders in terms of downloads by their users.

New Employee Questionnaire469275 KB
Expense Form2082 MB
Off The Shelf Brochure161411 KB
Supervisor to GM OTS 25240 MB
Employee to Supervisor OTS 13550 MB

If you have any queries about using the Stats & Reports tool, please contact your Relationship Manager who would be happy to chat about it with you!

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