Version 8.2: E-Learning, Geotagging, Phrase updates and more!

The following post outlines changes coming next week (Wednesday August 23rd, 2017) in World Manager Version 8.2. This release has quite a lot going for it, so we highly recommend taking a read through the changes outlined below. 

As always, if you have any queries regarding these changes please get in touch with your relationship manager or our support team!

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Training Suite

Note: Any changes to tool names, phrases or labels outlined below will not apply to any platforms that have already modified these using the Languages tool. If you have customized your platform language already, these changes will remain.

The following visual changes apply specifically to the Training Suite and have been made in preparation for our upcoming release including Standalone SCORM.

The majority of the changes outlined below are purely aesthetic in nature and the core functionality of your Training Suite tools remains the same.

E-Learning - Showing Modules, Content Library and ACTIV Library

E-Learning (Formerly Online Training)

The major difference in this upcoming release will be the renaming of your Online Training tool to "E-Learning".

We have made this update to future proof the tool and more accurately reflect the functionality that will become available soon with the introduction of Standalone SCORM.

We are now referring to E-Learning items as "modules" rather than tests. You will soon be able to include E-Learning modules that contain no questions (using Standalone SCORM) and module is the widely accepted term for this type of content.

To access your E-Learning modules (Online Training tests), select:

Training → E-Learning

When creating or modifying existing modules you will also notice visual changes to the question type icons. Example below:

ACTIV Library (Formerly ACTIV Presentation)

The ACTIV Presentation tool has been renamed to ACTIV Library, and is now accessible from inside the E-Learning tool, as well as the Training Suite menu.

To access your ACTIV presentations, select:

Training → ACTIV Library
Training → E-Learning → ACTIV Library

Content Library (Formerly SCORM)

We have moved your SCORM content into a new area named Content Library, which is accessible through the E-Learning tool.

This change has been made in preparation of our upcoming Standalone SCORM upgrade, and allows us greater flexibility should we find other types of shareable content in future and wish to add these to the platform to be included as E-Learning modules.

Individual SCORM items are now also referred to as SCORM Packages within the tool.

To access your SCORM packages, select:

Training → E-Learning → Content Library

Phrase Changes (Manage/Online)

Note:  If you have made any custom language changes to any tools, these will not be affected. The custom names will remain the same.

We are removing redundant or excess wording throughout the platform, starting with the terms 'Manage' and 'Online'.

This includes Tool Box Menus, Tools and Headings where these words have been used.

E.g. In the System suite below, the word 'Manage' will be removed from Accounts, Locations and Languages.

Attention: As the toolbox menus are listed in alphabetical order, the order of the tools will change when "Manage" is removed.

The changes will be applied to all default languages containing the words 'Manage' and 'Online'. Changes where these words can be found include the below tools:

  • System Menu
  • System → Fuel Gauges
  • System → Accounts
  • System → Languages
  • System → Locations
  • System → Stats and Reports
  • System → System Configuration
  • Operations → Service Desk
  • Human Resources → Recruitment
  • Training Academy

To view a complete list of all phrase updates, click here.

Location Review Geotagging

Submitters can now be required to enable geotagging when completing Location Reviews.

Enabling this function will allow you to require a user to record their current location at the time of submitting a Location Review. This will help ensure the person submitting the form is physically on-site at the time and provide a record of this.

Example of the option to enable this function

So, what is Geotagging?

Geotagging is the process of recording your geographical/location data by allowing a device access to your current location. This data can then be embedded into various types of media - e.g. forms, photos, videos and so on.

If this function is enabled, the submitter will be prompted by whatever device they are using to allow access to their location. Their GPS location will then be recorded and embedded into the Location Review.

Example of recorded location (latitude + longitude) during the new Location Review process

Tip: Clicking on the coordinates (or magnifying glass icon) will open Google Maps in a new window or tab and display the location on a map.

Adobe Flash & HTML5 Updates

We have started to introduce HTML5 to various parts of the platform. The first change is Adobe Flash will no longer be required to log in to the platform. We will be removing this requirement

Say goodbye to this message, for good!

In upcoming releases the HTML5 player will also allows us to add some additional functionality, such as a full screen option for playing video inside ACTIV Presentations, and of course means we can start to remove all instances of Adobe Flash content within the platform and we aim to do this as soon as possible.

Please contact your Relationship Manager, or our Support Team at if you have any questions.


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