Modern button redesign

The visual upgrades keep coming to the World Manager platform! In v10.0.2 we've updated buttons on the platform to be inline with our modern design and added the ability to customise button colours, allowing you to match them with your Brand's style.

This update was rolled out on March 11, 2020.

Updated buttons

In this update, we've focused on modernising our buttons and making them consistent throughout the whole platform. You'll find that buttons now look the same no matter which page you're on, whether you're sending out a new employee contract in Contract Generation, or adding new Brand guidelines to Manuals and Files

The team have also removed uppercase text that appeared on some buttons to increase readability. Some examples include the Return to World View button for World Managers, and the My Profile and Log Out buttons when selecting your user image in the header.

Button styles

Buttons found on forms and dialog windows now contain styles similar to messages as described in our recent blog update New Information Style for Messages.

Note: Title bar and navigation buttons will not receive the new styling options and will remain the same.

Button styles come in four varieties based on what they do. These include primary (e.g. Next, Send, Continue), secondary (e.g. Resend), danger (e.g. Delete, Ignore Changes) and plain (e.g. Cancel).

By default, primary and secondary styles will automatically be configured to match your Brand's existing colour palette.

To change your button styles, get in touch with our friendly branding team. Visit Understanding Service Desk Categories, Priorities and Statuses on the OC to find out more.

for: adm, mgr, emp;

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