Introducing Appraisal Notifications and National Email Templates!

In Version 8.2.10 we introduce Appraisal Notifications and National Email Templates. This upgrade has been scheduled for Tuesday Night the 28th of November but is currently live in playgrounds if you wish to take a sneak peak!

Appraisal Notifications

It is now possible to issue Notifications for Self and Two Way Appraisal Types. 

Note: this does not include Peer Appraisal Types.

For more information on Appraisals please see click here

Notifications can appear to Appraisers and Appraisees for:

  1. Appraisal Completed - Notification sent to Appraiser when an Appraisal is completed
  2. Pending Appraisee Acknowledgement - Notification sent to Appraisee when an Appraisal is ready for acknowledgement
  3. Pending Appraiser Completion - Notification sent to targeted recipients when an Appraisal is ready for completion

Notifications can be sent as:

Platform Notifications

Mobile Push Notifications

Email Notifications

Enabling Appraisal Notifications

Note: By Default, Appraisal Notifications are Inactive, When set to Active, this also enables the Email Notification Template associated with the Appraisal. To Disable Email Notifications you can go to: World or National Level → System → System Configuration → System Email Templates and Set the Templates status to Inactive

When creating or updating Appraisals, you now have the option to enable or disable notifications for each Appraisal type, by selecting the Notifications option as below:

Updating Appraisal Email Templates


To update Email Templates for Appraisals, from either World or National Level you can go to: 

System → System Configuration → System Email Templates 

SImply Click 'Edit' for each Templates as below:

National Email Templates

Until now, Email Templates have only been available at World Level meaning the template set for one country is used for another country and can not be different. Introducing National Email Templates now allows each country to have its own Email Template set. This includes branding, images and tags!


Sneak Peek Below:

National Level → System → System Configuration → System Email Templates

To learn how to set up National Email Templates please read the below article:

Creating and Editing Email Templates

Please contact your Relationship Manager (RM) or the Support Team on if you have any questions.


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