E-learning Page Makeover and File Upload in Contract Generation

Today, February 27, 2019, we have released new features to playgrounds including a new look and feel on the E-Learning page which now makes navigation much easier and more mobile compatible. We have also released a brand new feature in Contract Generation, File Upload. Alongside documents being created using the Document Builder, you can now upload existing documents and images that you would like to include in your packages.

These features are scheduled to be released to your live platforms next week, In the meantime, let's take a look at how these new features works then you can log into your playgrounds and see for yourself!

New Look and Feel on the E-Learning Page

 You may have seen a similar look on the Manuals and Files page but the new look now makes navigation much easier and more mobile compatible.

Administrators will see a number of new features on the E-learning page, including: 

  • Targeting - New Icons for Target Country, Target Location, Target Group and Target Account
  • Active - New Icon with one touch status changes
  • Print, Copy, Move, Edit, and Delete - New Icons

File Upload to Contract Generation

Uploading Files

This new uploader lets you add files alongside documents created using the Document Builder. This means the files are added into Packages themselves, via the Package Builder. This is done by:

  1. Opening the Contract Generation tool. This is a National level tool, found in the Human Resources Suite.
  2. Going to the Packages tab.
  3. Selecting the Package you would like to add the files to (or a new Package).
  4. Then, either dragging and dropping, or browsing for the files you would like to add.

Note: A package must have a document in the Included Documents section before the package can be used.

Drag and drop

Files can be dragged from your computer's file explorer, right into the upload box in the Package Builder.

Dragging and dropping a PDF file from computer to package

Browse files

You can also simply click on the upload box, which will open a file selector window. From there, you can browse to and open the files you would like to upload. 

Selecting a file by browsing local drive

File requirements

As in the description of the upload box, there are some restrictions on the types of files you can upload. 

Allowed file types:

  • .gif
  • .jpeg
  • .jpg
  • .pdf
  • .png

Maximum size per file: 20 MB

Viewing Files

Once the files are uploaded, there are a number of places where it becomes accessible.

Administrator's view

Upon uploading the file, the upload box will update with the list of files that were added. You will be able to preview or download the file from there.

Administrators and Hiring Managers will also be able to preview and download the uploaded files from the Review Contract stage of a contract.

Uploaded file in the Review Contract stage (Manager)

Candidate's view

Similarly, once candidates get access to the candidate portal and progress to their Review Contract stage, they will also be shown the uploaded file. Like the documents, the candidate must also view the uploaded files to be able to progress to the Sign Contract stage.

Uploaded file in the Review Contract stage (Candidate)

Previewing files

Both the manager and the candidate can preview the uploaded file by clicking on file icon. In the Package Builder, you can preview the file directly by clicking on the preview icon.

Preview icon in the Package Builder

When you preview the file in either of these ways, a modal window will appear that will show the contents of the file.

Preview of uploaded file


If you need any further help or information about this new feature, please get in touch with your Key Administrator or the Support Team at wmsupport@franconnect.com. To read more about the Contract Generation tool Click HERE.


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