The Importance of the Operations Product to Increase Engagement

Many of our brands want to increase platform engagement not only with their location-based teams, but in particular they want to know how to engage Head Office teams as well. The Operations Product houses some great tools to assist getting out Head Office team members to login to review what is happening in stores and remind them to do their training at the same time! We asked five brands within our Global Community how they engage their teams across all levels of their business and as you can see below the Operations Product is a great help! Check out the below brand examples for some inspiration.

Pardo's Chicken, Peru

At Pardo’s Chicken, Restaurant Leaders and Administrators use the Location Reviews to complete audits and checklists and develop action plans to address any issues found. It allows them to have visibility over current and potential problems and address them in a timely manner. Some examples of the Location Reviews the team run are Quality Audits and the Daily Quality Checklist. 

The Incident Report tool enables the team to capture all required information for the different report types and ensure that response and follow up times are greatly reduced. Keeping registered documentation, comments, and details of incidents on file, is important to protect the Pardo’s Chicken team from potential legal liabilities whilst allowing a more accurate response.  

Pardo’s Chicken also uses the Customer Feedback tool to collect feedback from its customers at the restaurants. The survey allows the team to better understand a customer’s experience and assists the Head Office team in working on continuous improvements of their products and services. 

Twin Peaks Restaurants, North America

Twin Peaks use Forms (Incident Reports) and Location Reviews to give its operators a place to submit details of guest and employee incidents, purchasing issues, and a visitor’s log to fulfill important requirements for internal compliance processes. 

Location Reviews are a key component of evaluating the facilities and their operational standards. The team also use the tool to review the knowledge and skills that the team members are acquiring as they pass through the 9-week training program. 

Without these tools, the operations team at Twin Peaks would need to rely on multiple platforms to achieve the same outcome, possibly without the seamless linking, targeting and archiving features of World Manager. 

Ally Fashion, Australia

Ally Fashion has found the Operations Product highly beneficial in allowing the team to streamline processes for both the in-store and support office teams. 

The Ally team has introduced a number of forms that are used on a daily basis throughout all levels of the business that has not only cut down on company paper usage, but has meant employees have been engaging with the platform on a regular basis. The ability to target the recipient of the forms is helpful in ensuring it is being received by the correct person or department.  

The Support Desk is another useful tool that keeps team engagement at a high level. All departments at the Ally Fashion Support Office have been appointed as category owners where store teams can easily contact the relevant department at the touch of a button. Not only is this helpful for the store teams to contact the right person, but having the visibility over the categories allows for faster response times and ensures every request is responded to.

Bendon, New Zealand

At Bendon, the Operations Product is an instrumental area of the platform that is frequently used by all levels of the team as a way of communicating with other departments and completing forms to action workflows. These tools ensure that all communication between stores and Head Office is documented and followed up in a timely manner. 

The use of Forms to initiate recruitment and onboarding workflows, manage Health and Safety, and create a record of coaching conversations or development plans has been strongly implemented across the Bendon business. The ability to create an action plan is especially important, as it allows teams to efficiently interact to manage a safety incident, or for senior managers to provide feedback on how their managers are coaching and developing their teams. 

The Service Desk tool has been renamed to ‘Helpdesk’, and plays an important role in connecting our store-based teams to Head Office teams such as IT, HR, Payroll, and eCommerce. With category management clearly ingrained within the business, Bendon is able to ensure every ticket is actioned and closed in a timely manner. 

Domino's Pizza, Indonesia

At Domino’s, the Incident Report tool is used for weekly reports to increase the usage of the platform within Head Office. One report will trigger at least three Head Office team members to login and review or follow up on a report. For example, the Weekly Petty Cash Reimbursement report will go to several departments and need their acknowledgement. Within one report, you could have 3-5 team members logging into the platform from submission to acknowledgment and completion. The introduction of the Incident Report tool this way also ensures that all of the Head Office teams required to view the report have the correct access to do so. 

So, there you have it, plenty of examples showing how tools in the Operations Product can make daily tasks more manageable, involve team members at head office, and improve efficiencies across the board. Call your Relationship Manager to discuss ways to increase your usage of the Operations Product.  

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