Creating a Content Widget

Content widgets contain a Rich Text Editor (RTE) text box, that provides various options for formatting your text & image content. 

Please refer to the below instructions for creating a Content widget:

1. Go to System → System Configuration

2. Click on Dashboard

3. Click on New Widget

* indicates a required field

4. In the Type* drop-down, select the "Content" option

5. Title*: Enter a name

Tip: This can be anything, but we recommend using something that catches the attention of the targeted users.

6. Description*: Enter a description

Note: Only appears to administrators and won't be shown to users/on the front-end.

7. Preferred Column*: Select the preferred column you wish to display the widget in - either "left" or "right"

8. Target Country: Set target country/countries you wish to apply the widget to [optional]

9. Style*: Choose your preferred header style and colouring

10. Content*: Enter the content you wish to display in the widget

Tip: Use the various options for formatting your content (e.g. colour, size, lists, alignment etc.).

11. Click Save

Note: The content widget will show the first 200 characters by default. If the text content contains more than 200 characteres a 'More' button will appear that allows you to view the full contents of the widget.

So, what next?

Now that you have created your widget, you need to allocate the widget to specific account Roles. Please refer to the following articles:

for: adm;

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