Tips for Finding Accounts on the Platform

Below are some tips for finding an account on the platform:

1. Searching by the account's name

In the top bar, there is a magnifying glass icon that when clicked will bring up a search box. Here, you can enter the name of the account and click 'Search'.

On the results page, there will be a preview of the first 5 accounts that have that name. If the account you are looking for is not in the first 5 results, you can click the 'Accounts' tab to view the entire list of accounts.

Note: If the account has a middle name they may not appear in the results when searching by their first & last name. In this situation, you can search using the account's first or last name to find them. 

2. Using the Account's tool

If you are a manager you can view a list of your employees in System → Accounts in the left-hand menu.

From the account management page, you can select the location, account group, or name to search by, using the Account Tool filters.

3. Using the 'Accounts Report' 

If you do not have the account's name but you have other information, such as their email address or username, you can find the account by extracting a list of accounts using an Accounts Report.

An Account Report can run by going to System → Stats & Reports in the left-hand menu, then clicking on 'Accounts Report'.

On the Accounts Report page, you can select the account information you would like to include in the report, such as their name, id, email, username & location.

Once you have their name you can use either of the methods above to locate the account.

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