Introducing Force Update to Account and Location Fields

At World Level, we have introduced the ability to Force Update certain fields to Accounts and Locations in individual countries.

Go to: World Level → System → Locations → Choose Country → Force Update 

As below you can see the ability to Force Updates to the following fields:

Accounts: This forces all users in this country to update their Account details next time they log in

Languages: Updates all users in this country to the Language selected

Locations: This forces General and Store Managers in this country to update Location details next time they log in

Note: Location Updates only work if Location Address is ticked as required in: System → System Configuration → Location Settings

Timezone: Updates all users, areas and locations in this country to the Timezone selected

Warning: Forcing Updates cannot be reversed. E.g. If you have a number of users that have different languages or timezones and a Force Update is completed, all accounts will be updated with the new selection. However, the individual account can still update their personal preferences by going to the My Details Page

Tip: You can Force Update these changes individually or all at once by clicking on the Update button

Please contact a member of the brand team or email: if you have any questions.


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