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Bras N Things have had their BOW Platform for over 10 years, and if anyone knows the work required to engage your long-time team members with the platform, it is this team! We recently caught up with Kassandra from Bras N Things to chat through their incredible engagement (over 95% of their users log in each month consistently) - and the key takeaway we can define is consistency across the platform. See below for more ideas on engaging your team with your platform.

What policies/ processes have you put in place to ensure that your network is regularly logging into the platform?

Weekly Newsletter & Quiz. 

At Bras N Things, it is expected that every account in the network sign-in at least once a week to ensure they have a clear understanding of what is happening in the business. The team send out a weekly newsletter and a knowledge quiz relating to that newsletter to ensure the team are up to date on key changes in the business. The vast majority of team login on their first shift of the week and read the newsletter and complete the corresponding quiz. Each Monday, the State & Area Managers receive a completion report for the week prior. This gives them an opportunity to follow up on non-compliant team members and discuss ways to ensure they are logging in.

Quarterly Business Reviews. 

BNT have introduced a quarterly business review, that ensures compliance throughout their business. Not only are they checking that their stores are meeting VM standards, expectations and adhering to all policies, there is a section of the audit dedicated to World Manager. Questions include:

  • Have all team completed their mandatory training?
  • Have all team 'read' all notices?
  • Have all team completed the weekly newsletter knowledge? 


The notices tool is used within all levels of the BNT business. From Store Managers communicating rosters to Area Managers sending out daily messages for their teams! BNT find the notices tool to be a great way for all team members within the platform to receive any business communication, ensuring no one misses out when an email could potentially be deleted from the store computers.

What is the main reasons for your network to login to the platform consistently?

Between the store network, Support Centre & Distribution Centre, there are varied reasons that drive engagement within the platform. From the Service Desk to notices, each team member is prompted to keep up with the latest business news through the platform.


In the Retail network, the notices tool is a key to the brands success. They use notices to send out morning communication with daily tasks/ focuses, documentation on Performance Management, Visual Merchandising decks and much more. The use of the notices tool is pivotal in the BNT business as they are able to report on mandatory notices for compliance. The tool also enables management to be able to access to all levels within the business posting to their teams. The use of the Forums tool in the BNT business is also another important communication tool to provide product feedback direct to the designers and buyers within the Head Office. The forums also help promote wins and celebrations within the business, from Super Sales to individual store wins. Having the forums to engage the team is yet another reason to login to the platform.


The BNT team have a strong training program that runs throughout their business, with their Head Office based in America, this has also led to multiple compliance training modules being sent over from the team. A weekly a report is prepared for Area, State & Department Managers that outlines team members with overdue learning. Being able to easily identify the focus for the teams allows them to closely monitor their teams training.


Everything from recruitment requests to our Quartey business audits a run through the platform. BNT recognised that the manual processes and multiple platforms their business was using in the past, was preventing their team from easily being able to achieve their goals. Pulling all forms, audits and emails into the platform has helped all individuals in the business prioritise their working day.

"Absolutely everything flows through World Manager. It provides visibility, a way to communicate that doesn't flow into an employee's personal time and risking them feeling like a response or engagement is required when off the clock. Beyond that, it is so engrained in how we operate that we wouldn't even consider sending an email instead of a notice via the 'my notices' function".

Thanks so much Kassandra for sharing how the BNT business encourages platform engagement throughout your whole business. We can't wait to hear from you again soon!

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