Introducing our new Help tool

As we provide so many tools in the World Manager platform, it can be quite a challenge when it comes to providing documentation for these tools that are both used in different ways by different brands, but also to ensure that the documentation itself is relevant and up to date with a constantly evolving platform.

One major goal that we set for ourselves was to redesign the Help tool from the ground up after the big 8.0 release, and to rewrite our guides so that they are much more accessible and able to be understood by all types of users.

We've just taken our first big step towards this goal by launching this new Help tool, which you can access by clicking the (?) icon in your platform header (but of course if you're reading this, you already knew that, right? 😀 ):

HELP Button

The Help tool has a responsive design so you can access it from mobile or desktop, and we will adding more and more content to it as we move along. If there are any specific topics or areas that you'd like to see covered in the Help tool in the form of a user guide or "how to" video, please let us know by emailing!  

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