Manuals and Files - Targeting Upgrades v9.3

Manuals and Files Gets VIP Treatment

On October 31, 2019, an update was released to Playgrounds that upgrades Manuals and Files with all new area-targeting along with some great improvements to the page layout with our modern styling you may have seen in other tools. This was released to Live platforms November 27, 2019

True Area Targeting

The Manuals and Files tool is a great way to store, share and view common files and documents within your organisation.

In this update, we’ve made under-the-hood improvements to the targeting feature used when creating a new folder or completing an upload in Manuals and Files.

Previously, the Target Location/Area selector always displayed stores in the area they were first created. This meant that if a store moved area, the selector would display the store as if it were still located in its original area, not the area where it moved to.

With this update, the selector will always display stores in the area they are actually located, regardless of where they were originally created. Additionally, new stores created will automatically be targeted to their corresponding area with this change.

Note: Selecting an area will automatically target every store in that area, and you will still have the ability to uncheck /check individual stores within that area.

Tip: For existing files or folders that targets all stores in an area, this update will now automatically target it to the entire area – as described in the note above. This ensures that any new stores created in an area will automatically be targeted, without needing to be manually selected.

Modern Styling Update

The team have been working hard to deliver our modern styling upgrades across the platform, with Manuals and Files the next tool to receive our VIP treatment.

In addition to the modern layout changes, some of the biggest updates include:

  • The New File and Bulk Upload pages get a new file upload field, allowing you to upload files by dropping them directly onto the browser.
  • New Archive checkbox on the Bulk Upload page, allowing you to upload a zip archive when the box is checked, or a group of individual files when the box is unchecked making uploading multiple files faster than ever!

  • Automatic filtering of hidden files, folders and other invalid files from uploads, preventing you from uploading any unwanted items. In the below example, we have uploaded a .zip file with some supported and unsupported file types. The system ignores invalid file types and uploaded the remaining files.

  • Bulk Rename now displays files grouped by folder when uploading a zip archive.

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