Posting to a Profile Page

Users can share messages and communicate with each other by posting on their profile page.

The profile page is the primary way to get in touch with other users on the platform. It allows you to share your thoughts by posting on your profile page or get in touch with someone else by posting on theirs.

Tip: Posts are public comments published by users to their profile page or somebody else's.

As well as the actual content, all posts display the:

  • Name of the user
  • Profile picture of the user
  • Age of the post
  • Like button

Posts you publish and posts that appear on your page will also display a menu icon, with additional options to delete the post or edit it (if you were the author).

Who can see my profile page?

All active users on your platform will be able to view and post on your profile page. This includes users within your store, area or even other countries!

Note: Only active accounts on your platform will have a profile page.

Tip: For more information about finding other user profile pages, see Accessing the Profile Page.

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