Social Permissions

New permissions have been added to the platform allowing you to control who has access to our new social features. Permission can be managed for entire account groups, locations and individual manager accounts.

By default, social permissions are enabled for all platform users via the Fusebox.

Fusebox Permissions

Controlling permissions through the Fusebox is the easiest way to turn social features on or off for an entire account group.

A new row titled Social has been added to the Platform table, allowing you to control which groups can access the social features. By default, the 'Social' Fusebox setting is enabled for all account groups.

If a user is given the Social permission, they will have:

  • Access to their profile page
  • Ability to view other user profile pages
  • Access to the activity feed (once the Activity Feed Widget is enabled)

If a user does not have Social permission, they will not have access to the features listed above.

Note: If you don't want your users to use the social functionality just yet, the fastest way to disable it is in Fusebox. It will remove this feature instantly for all selected account groups.

To disable Social settings for an account group:

  1. Navigate to System → System Configuration → Fusebox
  2. Under the corresponding user group, select the green tick icon until the red cross icon appears.
  3. Select the Update button to save your changes.

In the below example you can see this is disabled for all accounts in the employee's group.

Account Custom Permissions

New Account Custom Permissions have been added to the platform to give administrators the ability to configure social permission for individual manager accounts.

Two new checkboxes have been added to the Platform category that allows you to customise the level of social access given to managers:

  • Social: When selected, this permission allows the user to browse other user-profile pages and access the Activity Feed Widget. This is essentially a 'read-only' mode.
  • Post: When selected, this permission enables the user profile page for that user and allows them to post to their profile page, and the profile pages of other users. If this permission is disabled, the user will not be able to view their profile page or post on other profile pages.

Tip: The Post permission can be disabled for users who behave inappropriately, disabling their profile page and preventing them from communicating with other users on the platform.

Note: The Social Account Custom Permission will not be enabled by default for users with existing custom permissions enabled.

To remove social access for a specific user, simply go to their profile, scroll to Permission and select Custom, untick the applicable checkbox and select Update. Click HERE for more information.

Location Custom Permissions

Location Custom Permissions allow you to control access to tools for all users associated with a store.

Note: The Social Location Custom Permission will not be enabled by default for locations with existing custom permissions enabled. 

To access Location Custom Permissions:

  1. In the Toolbox, select the applicable Country.
  2. Once you are in the Country view, select SystemLocation.
  3. Select the applicable Area, then click on the Location/Store you wish to update.

  1. Under the Permissions heading, select the Limited button.
  2. Select each permission you want to give users who are associated to that store.

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