Careers Site Security Upgrades in Recruitment

On June 19, 2019, we released careers site security upgrades to playgrounds. These upgrades change the way applicants access their applications on the careers site in Recruitment. These upgrades were released to live platforms on June 26, 2019.

The careers login page now only requires an email address to apply for a position or access existing applications. For existing applications, we have introduced a token-based system that sends a verification link to the applicant's email address. The token replaces the need for the applicant to have a password altogether, as anytime the applicant accesses the careers page they verify their application(s) from their email.

Please find below information about these changes including:

1. Creating a New Account

2. Reviewing an Application

3. New Login Verification Email Template

4. Careers Site Status

1. Creating a New Account

When applying for a position all applicants are required to have a careers page account. The applicant navigates to the careers page e.g. and chooses a position to apply for as below:

The applicant can then click on Create a New Account and then proceed through the position questionnaire filling in the applicable details at each stage to finalise their application:

2. Reviewing an Application

Once an applicant navigates to the careers page they log in by entering their email and clicking Login, as below. They will then receive a verification link via email, which will then finalise the login process. 

Note: The verification link is valid for up to 5 minutes, but the applicant can simply click Login again to receive a new verification link.

Once logged in, the applicant can check the status of their applications, update their details, and search for other jobs on the careers site. This process has not changed.

Tip: Once the applicant is logged in, the careers site session will last for 7 days so the applicant does not need to be verified if they remain logged in.

3. New Login Verification Email Template

As we have introduced a token validation via email, we have created a new email template that can be found at National Level by going to:

Human Resources → Recruitment → SettingsCareers Site Settings Email Templates→ Login Verification

The default template is already applied as below but you can change this at any time.

4. New Career Site Status

We have also introduced an active and inactive status for the careers page itself, which can be found at National Level by going to:

Human Resources → Recruitment → SettingsCareers Site Settings

If you have any questions please get in touch with our Support Team via

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