Email Notification Upgrades to Contract Generation

September 18, 2019, an update was released to Playgrounds that improves Contract Generation notifications in the Human Resources tool, providing more detailed information about changes made to a contract by a manager or candidate. This update also includes adding support for tables in Sections, also found in Contract Generation. This was released to live platforms October 2, 2019.

More detailed email notifications

In v9.2.3 and earlier, a generic email notification was sent to managers and candidates when a party altered a contract before it was accepted. This includes when a candidate updates their personal details or a manager revises remuneration information.

An example of the generic message can be seen below.

While this notification was helpful, we improved this in v9.2.4 to include a list of changes made during the review stage. This will make it even easier to get a quick glance at the changes before reviewing the contract on your platform.

An example of the default email notification can be seen below.

Note: All default contract change email templates will include the new {changelog} tag but if you've customised your own email template you will need to add this to your existing templates by going to Creating Email Templates. See the example below:

Tables added to Contract Generation

Tables have been added to Sections in Contract Generation, allowing you to create and edit tables within the rich-text editor.

This upgrade will allow you to create a table directly from the toolbar, with easy access to common tasks such as deleting a row/column, adding a row/column (above or below), adjusting the height and width of columns and changing other table properties.

Should you require more information, please get in touch with our Support Team via

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