New Information Style for Messages

February 13, 2020, we released an update that introduces a new info message style to the platform. See our Release Notes for the full list of changes and improvements made in this update.

The New Info Message Style

Messages occasionally appear around the platform – most commonly at the top of the screen – and provide additional information about the task at hand, whether it’s letting you know that you’ve successfully saved a form, reminding you to fill in extra details or giving you tips about functionality.

Until now, the platform has supported three colour styles, error, success and warning/note.

A fourth style – info – has been added to make it even easier to distinguish between messages that always appear on a page and provide additional information about a task, to other messages that relate to user actions, such as success and error messages.

By default, info messages will be styled blue (see example below).

Examples of messages seen on the World Manager platform. From left-to-right: Info (new), Error, Success, Warning.

To date, the info style has been rolled out to Contract Generation and the My Details page and will be shown in other areas of the platform in the future.

An info message shown in the Contract Generation module.


An info message shown on the My Details page.

To change the colour of the info message to align with your corporate style, get in touch with our branding team. Visit Understanding Service Desk Categories, Priorities and Statuses on the OC to find out more.

Should you have any questions, please contact your Relationship Manager or email


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