Contract Generation, Notices & Account Report Upgrades!

August 7, 2019, we released a number of new features to Playgrounds in our Contract Generation, Notices and Stats and Reports tools. These changes were released to live platforms on August 15, 2019.

Custom Forms in Contract Generation

Forms make up the first steps of a Contract including the Candidate Details, Position Details, and Contract Details in Contract Generation in the Human Resources Suite. These are now visible in a new Forms tab which gives Administrators the ability to set the status and preview the form so it can be used when building new Packages. We can even create custom form versions! You can see in the example below the steps that appear in the contract are listed in the new forms tab.

Tip: As we have introduced Forms, Selecting Regions have been removed from Packages as they are no longer required

There are 3 Form versions depending on what region your platform is based. Australia, Canada and the United States all have different requirements about what information needs to be in a contract. Regardless, you can preview each form to see what fields it contains, you can even test the content of the field in the preview! In the below example, it is showing a preview of the Candidate Details form.

Tip: Being Custom Forms this also provides the opportunity for World Manager Support to create or modify customised versions for your platform! This means if there are fields in any of the forms you wish to remove or even add new fields, please contact for more information on all the available field types.

The Target Role indicates which user can edit the form when creating a contract. Candidate, Manager, or both.

Active Forms will now appear on the left-hand side of the Package Builder. As outlined in the below example you can add all Active Forms. All Existing Packages will use all 3 active Forms by default as pictured above in the forms tab and below in the package builder.

Warning: Package must have at least 1 Included Form, with a maximum of 6 Forms. Please check your local requirements for what information needs to be collected or reviewed in a Contract

New Target Selectors

We have also introduced new target selectors in Contract Generation. Below is a preview of what the new selectors now look like in Contract Generation.

Auto-Activation Date for Notices

This release introduces an Auto-Activation Date for Notices. This feature allows Notices to be created in advance and the active status can be set to a future date.

Note: Please check your Notice Settings in System Configuration. In particular, the default Notice duration and expiry date settings for Mandatory and Non-Mandatory. These can be found by going to System → System Configuration → Communication → Notice Settings

In the below example, This notice date has been set for a future date, setting the active date and also changing the default expire date.

Tip: Once the Notice has been saved, you will see a new Active Icon that indicated the active date is in the future as pictured below, you can also hover over the icon to reveal the date. 

Inactive Status in Account Report

When navigating at World or National Level → System → Stats and Reports  → Account Reports 

User can now report on inactive accounts separately which include inactive date and status

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