Which Survey/Questionnaire Tool Should I Use

There are various tools within the platform that utilise a survey and/or questionnaire type format, each of make use of the various features and functions. The purpose of this article, is to provide you with a guideline of the features that each of these tools use, so that you can make an informed approach when deciding which one to use. Please see below:

Incident Reports
Location Reviews
Customer Feedback
External Surveys
Appraisals (Two-Way)
Appraisals (Self)
Appraisals (Peer)
Exit Interviews
Internal Surveys
Fill in once only

Filled in multiple times

Completed by external party

Completed by internal party


Attached to performance monitor


Action plan completed by manager after survey filled in


Action plan completed by person completing survey



File / image uploads

Notifications once completed


Primarily about the location?

Primarily about the user?

Is there an escalation option?

Does the participant receive a link to complete the survey?


Is this survey completed by multiple people?

Does this survey need to be marked to be finalised?



If you have any further questions, or require assistance, please contact wmsupport@franconnect.com.

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