Tenure Training Live

On Wednesday August 10, 2023, we will be releasing platform v11.8 which introduces Tenure Targeted Training! Please click HERE to view our Release Notes.

Often front-line employees and managers can be overwhelmed with the amount of training they need to complete when they first begin their journey of employment. Currently the FranConnect World Manager platform provides solutions to categorize training content and automate workflows. It can even lock the sequence, so the user needs to complete training in a particular order.


Tenure Targeting introduces the ability for E-learning to be targeted based on an employee or manager start date, so training can be targeted by a minimum or maximum number of days from the account start date.   

Note: This is set to ‘inactive’ (by default) for all existing modules. However, when activating Tenure Targeting, it will immediately apply to all targeted accounts.

In the below example you can see an E-Learning module being set as 30 days ‘minimum’, so the training won’t appear in their My Task widget or My Training until 30 days after the accounts start date. 

In the below example you can see the ‘maximum’ being set as 30 days. Meaning the user will see they need to complete the training right away, but only for up to 30 days, then it will be removed if no progress is recording during that period. 

You will also notice visual enhancements to the page layout with new radio selector buttons, grid lines to segregate sections and an updated preview icon. 

Mandatory Training

If Mandatory training and Tenure Targeting are both set, it will appear as Mandatory after it calculates the targeted Minimum or Maximum number of days. So if the 'overdue period' is set to 5 days, it will appear as overdue 5 days after the initial period. Mandatory Training does not override Tenure Targeting.

Please contact wmsupport@franconnect.com if you have any questions or your Relationship Manager to discuss restructuring your current Training.

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