Access thousands of content with new GO1 partnership

In December 2019, an update was released to all platforms introducing a collaboration with third-party learning platform GO1, giving World Manager brands access to the GO1 learning portal directly within the E-Learning tool in the Training suite.

About GO1

GO1 is an established leader in online learning and education, aggregating thousands of content from the industry's top providers to offer a one-stop-shop for professional learning.

GO1 offers both free and premium content, giving you the option of accessing thousands of premium content with either a monthly subscription or by purchasing premium content separately. For more information about features and pricing, contact your Relationship Manager or email 

Accessing GO1 on your platform

This integration will allow World and National Level users to browse thousands of off-the-shelf courses offered by GO1 and import them directly into your Content Library as a SCORM package.

These courses will be available to share and target to your users just like any other training content and integrates seamlessly into your platform.

To learn how to get started with GO1 on your platform, see Accessing GO1 Content.

Should you have any questions, please contact your Relationship Manager or email

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