Internal Surveys Moved to Training Suite

The following outlines information about upcoming changes scheduled in the coming weeks.

As always, if you have any queries regarding these changes please get in touch with your Relationship Manager or our Support Team.

Internal Surveys moved from Human Resources to Training

Many members of the World Manager Community use Internal Surveys to collate data on training completions, training quality, role performance and to complete probation reviews, so it makes sense to move the tool to be used with the fuel gauge’s set up in the learning pathway. It also better aligns the tool with the standard employee lifecycle and feedback collation process. 

This means some brands will be getting an additional tool they didn’t have previously!

Note: Existing Brands that have the Training Suite and not the Human Resources Suite will receive the Internal Surveys tool at no charge and existing brands that has both Suites will not be affected and simply navigate to the Training Suite to use the tool as below

Internal Surveys are used to gather feedback from users through a variety of questions targeted to selected countries, user groups and accounts. To read more about Internal Surveys take a look at the below articles.

Getting Started with Internal Surveys:

Creating Internal Surveys

Adding Sections to Internal Surveys

Survey Question Types

Completing an Internal Surveys:

Starting an Internal Survey

Navigating through the Survey

Please contact your Relationship Manager (RM) or the Support Team on if you have any questions.

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