Create Stunning Presentations with the New and Improved ACTIV Tool

The ACTIV Tool has been completely redesigned!


Adobe Flash Player was phased out in 2020, so with feedback from our brand community, the team have taken the opportunity to come together and build an all-new ACTIV Editor and Management interface.


We can't wait to show you how you can use ACTIV to create modern, professional presentations and interactive training content on your World Manager platform.


This update includes many of your most requested upgrades to ACTIV including an updated layout, Undo and Redo buttonsnew colour and transparency options and background images just to name a few. In this blog, we'll go through the top features in this update and give you a sneak peek of them in action.


The new ACTIV Tool is available on Playgrounds now so we encourage our brands to go check it out before being released to live platforms on December 17th 2020. You will also see updated 'how-to' articles, as well as a detailed video tutorial for the live release!


Note: All existing ACTIV presentations will be migrated to the new editor, with all content, positioning and functionality maintained, so no need to make any changes to existing ACTIVs.


All-New Editor

The ACTIV Editor is easier to use than ever before, with all-new buttons, text inputs, tips, interactive elements, fonts and more. The updated layout is clear and easy to use, allowing you to quickly find what you need when you need it.

Previewing an ACTIV presentation has also been improved, with the presentation loading in a modal window within the same page rather than in a pop-up window.


Undo/Redo buttons, Adding Slides and New Slide Directions

We've added so many improvements to the ACTIV Editor that will make creating a presentation in ACTIV as simple and straightforward as possible.


This includes the most highly requested feature: Undo and Redo buttons that allow you to quickly reverse or change your most recent actions.


New button directions for slide navigation have also been added, giving you the freedom to choose which slide to progress to for each button press. Button directions now include:

  • First slide
  • Previous slide
  • Next slide
  • Last slide
  • Complete
  • (Choose your own) Slide


Improved Media Library with HD Video Support and Filters

The ACTIV Media Library has been updated with a new upload feature allowing you to upload images, videos and audio clips, as well as adding support for 1080p video playback in your presentations. We've also implemented an external media library and made it easier to add shared files that can be used across different ACTIV presentations.


Filters have been added to the Media Library to help you quickly sort through your media library. This will help you narrow down content based on:

  • Filename (via the Search bar)
  • Media type (image, video, audio)
  • Used/Unused resources
  • Local/Shared content

Tip: We recommend deleting unused files from your media library once you have finished creating an ACTIV presentation by using the new Unused filter.


Also, we've made changes to improve the synchronisation between files in your media library and the presentation. Uploading a new file or deleting a file from your media library will only take permanent effect once you save your presentation. This makes it easy to revert changes such as accidentally deleting an image that is used throughout your presentation by simply refreshing the page before saving.


Modern Templates

The team has also designed several new templates to help you get started making modern and professional presentations and e-learning content.


We've simplified the available options in the New Slide window, providing a mix of templates including title slidesslides with pre-configured buttons, and slides that promote media content (images, videos, etc.).


These templates will make it faster for you to get started creating beautiful, engaging presentations for your users – no design experience necessary!



Background Images, Colour Transparency and Other Improvements

Another highly requested feature we've implemented is adding support for background images and colours in slides. You will now be able to choose between setting the same or different background image(s) for each slide, allowing you to set the scene for your content.


The process for adding a new slide has also been improved. New slides are now added after your currently selected slide, instead of at the end of the presentation.


Colour pickers, which are used to set the colour for text, shapes and other slide elements, have been updated to support transparency, giving you more choice when designing your slides and presentations.


Many other improvements have been made, including:

  • Colour droppers on every colour picker
  • Redesigned Tip text, including customisable colours
  • Select, click and place to add slide elements anywhere on the canvas
  • The ability to rotate slide elements
  • Smaller clickable areas
  • Improved validation and error prevention


Full Language Support

The ACTIV Editor now supports all languages! While your local language is enabled by default, every button, label and message can be customised to support any language.


Tip: Example above is in Spanish but did you know the World Manager platform is available in 20+ Languages? Contact for information.

iPad and Android Tablet Support

The new ACTIV Editor can be used on iPad and Android Tablets in landscape mode directly from your Platform app or browser, no plug-ins required. This is great for editing or previewing ACTIV presentations on the go.


New Management UI, Country Targeting and Confirmation Messages

An overhaul of the ACTIV Tool would not be complete without an update to the ACTIV Management page. The Management page has been updated with a modern table layout, new buttons and icons.


ACTIV presentations can now be moved to Target Countries directly from the ACTIV Management page. Giving you confidence in what specific Countries the ACTIV is being moved too.


You can also access an ACTIV presentation's Media Library directly from the Management page by selecting the File Size column. This is a convenient way to view and manage your content without having to load the full editor.


You'll also notice new confirmation dialogues, loading screens and messages scattered throughout the editor, helping you always stay in control and up-to-date with your presentation.


Note: ACTIV presentations can now be inactivated or deleted from your Library without having to be unattached them from modules. ACTIV presentations that are attached to modules will continue to work after they've been removed from the Library.

Note: An error prevention system has been implemented to prevent two users from editing the same ACTIV at the same time which can potentially lead to a save conflict. Once a user has saved a new version of an ACTIV, all other users must refresh the presentation to get the latest changes before being able to continue.



We're so excited to bring you this update and can't wait for you and your team to use it to create modern, engaging content for your Brand.


Should you have any questions around these changes, feel free to get in touch with our Support team at

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