Linking Public or Private Library Documents as an HTML Tag

Documents are important checkpoints for franchisees to follow and expected to complete during the period before the opening of the location. The Corporate Team can upload documents to the Documents Checklist and associate the franchise contact.

Note: Documents uploaded as “Public” can be distributed to users who are not users of the system (without being logged in). Documents uploaded as “Protected” requires system login to access them.

An alternative way to upload documents within any task checklist directly is by using an HTML tag.
An HTML tag looks like this: <a href=”website link”>Document name</a>

 In this guide, we will cover how you can Link Public or Private Library Documents as an HTML tag in Opener Task checklists.

Start by making changes at the Admin side in the Hub:

From the Admin > The HubLibrary > Modify a Document.1.png6-16-2022_1-42-15_PM.png6-16-2022_1-43-37_PM.pngSelect the actions wheel, click Copy URL and highlight and copy the URL.6-16-2022_1-46-28_PM.png 5.pngFrom the Admin > Opener, click any checklist and Modify a Task Checklist.

Substitute the link copied from the Library.6.png7.pngFrom the Opener, click on a Location and the Checklist.


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