Setting up Email Parsing: CRM

Introduction to Email Parsing:
Email Parsing is the process of extracting field data from the emails captured in FranConnect Sky Marketing software. The ‘Email Parsing Lead Capture’ is a process of adding leads from Third Party Websites/Vendors via an email sent to Websites/Vendors via an email sent to a preset email address (e.g.

 Benefits of Email Parsing:
- To Monitor and extract information from incoming email messages.
- To avoid manual input of contacts/leads.
- To capture contacts/leads from third party websites with ease.
- It increases effectiveness and efficiency.
- Automatically processes a bulk of contact/lead data.

Email parsing captures inbound system emails and updates the System.

Plain text or HTML emails can be parsed to add contact/lead information into the system. For each field, there is a field name associated with it in the CRM module, which provides help to identify data pertaining to contacts/leads.

How Parsing Works:
In short, the Email Parsing feature helps pull out data from emails and store it in Marketing CRM for the specific field types. For example, the parsing process looks for the field “First Name” in the email and then extracts until the end of the line to place the value in the ‘First Name’ field of a contact/lead in CRM.

A unique email id is defined for parsing, an email is sent to that specified email id to get parsed. This process runs in the background; it scans the email, and if the parser understands the email content, it will put the field data exactly where it belongs in the system. In case it does not understand the email content, it will leave the fields blank. Once parsed, contact/lead information is added from the email’s content into CRM.

How the Subject in the Email is Mapped with Contact/Lead Category:
Email Parsing requires a unique email address and a unique subject. The email parser program will understand the contents of the email and upload them into the software. The subject will help the contacts/leads map to a specific contact/lead category. In case there is an email with a different subject or the email does not have any subject, the contact/lead is mapped to contact/lead category “others”. If Record Type field is blank in lead, the parsed data will move to Contacts tab inside CRM module otherwise to Leads tab inside CRM.

 Configuring Parsing for Marketing CRM:
To enable parsing in your FranConnect environment, please contact FranConnect support at Once they have configured the environment to your preferences, you can move on to the next step.

Configuring Parsing Email Subject:

To configure parsing mail subject for Contacts go to:
Admin > CRM > Contact Category > Internet; or,
To configure parsing mail subject for Leads go to:
Admin > CRM > Leads Category > Internet section as shown below.



Select Configure Parsing Email Subject option in Action menu drop-down available corresponding Internet section as shown below.4.png

On clicking, Configure Parsing Email Subject, configuration pop up appears, from where users can configure parsing email subject as shown below.6.png

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