Leveraging Smart Groups

Using Smart Groups allows you to add recipients automatically to a group based on almost any criteria and then optionally send Email Campaigns.

For example, suppose you want to group your Facebook contacts and send an Email Campaign. First, create a Smart Group as shown below called “Facebook Contacts”.

Go to CRM > Group > Create Group and configure the criteria.1.pngCRM > Groups: Configure Smart Group Criteria.

We see there are 3 existing Contacts which match the criteria above. If another Contact enters the system or another Contact is modified so the Contact Source is ‘Social Media’ and the Contact Source Details is ‘Facebook’ the Contact will be added to the Smart Group “Facebook Contacts” automatically.

Please check the below if they apply:
- Existing Leads filtered by defined criteria.
- Automatically associate new Lead added to this group with any linked campaign.
- Associate linked campaign for Lead added through import.


Next, select “ASSOCIATE WITH CAMPAIGNS”. (If you do not plan on sending an Email Campaign at this time, please select OK and you are done.)3.pngSelect the Campaign(s) previously created. In this case, we have an Email Campaign called “Facebook Customers”.

Press the “ASSOCIATE” button. You have the ability to add multiple Email Campaigns.

4.pngAssociate Email Campaigns with a Smart Group (more than one can be associated). 

Each Contact is now receiving the “Facebook Customers” Email Campaign.


CRM > Groups > Displays Recipients and number of active Campaigns running, etc.

You can confirm by going to the Contact’s Primary Info section. Referring to our example, we see this Contact is from Facebook, in the Group called “Facebook Contacts” and receiving the Email Campaign, “Facebook Customers”.

Conversely, if we modify the criteria, (Source is no longer “Facebook”), the Contact will be removed from the Smart Group.


CRM > Contacts > Primary Info > See the contact is receiving the Email Campaign

 Contacts in a Smart Group can be sent an Email Campaign. Notice the Archive and Delete options are referring to the Group, not the Contacts. Groups cannot be archived if they are associated with Contacts. You would need to remove the recipients from the group first.7.png

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