How to make Library Content the Most Useful

A library is a repository of various documents. Some are kept for record-keeping purposes (perhaps an artifact), while others are frequently used or shared. Regardless of what type of documents you may store in your library, the purpose of a library is defeated if you can’t find the documents at the time of need.  In this article, we will look at a few tips that help you make your library an organized and effective place.

In FranConnect, you can locate the Library under the The Hub module. Prior to uploading all your documents into the Library, it is a best practice to plan the layout of the Library to help you organize your documents. You can use folders to implement the layout that you have envisioned.

When planned well, the folder structure on its own can act as an index for your library. However, having too many sub-folders can be confusing and can make your users feel lost! Aside from folders, following a good naming convention (meaningful and non-repetitious names) goes a long way in making your documents searchable.

The FranConnect Library provides you additional flexibility to control the access-levels of the folders thereby letting you regulate who you want to share your documents with. This can be done through the Roles in Admin.

To create Folders and add documents In Library:

From the Admin Interface, go to The Hub > Library.

Click on Add Folder.6-16-2022_10-52-32_AM.png1.png

Name the Folder and Detail the Folder Summary.

Choose Yes or No for Do you want to make this Folder accessible to all? 

If No is selected, then select the Role and click Add.6-16-2022_2-48-39_PM.png

Click on Add Sub Folder.4.png

Name the Sub Folder and Sub Folder Summary.

Click Now or Later for Do you want to add a Library Document to this Folder.

Click Add.6-16-2022_2-59-27_PM.pngFrom the Home interface, type the name of the Document and click the Magnifying Glass search button.6-16-2022_3-14-19_PM.png

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