Work Flow-Based Emails using Default Website Keywords in CRM templates from Info Mgr

Workflows are the most popular feature and function in FranConnect as it replaced Campaign Triggers since the genesis of FranConnect Sky. You can create various combinations of Triggers, conditions and set actions in Workflows.

We will discuss a scenario on how to add Location Website Keywords in a CRM template which reads the data from Info Manager's Locations’ Center Info Tab. Many times, a location may have multiple websites and so FranConnect’s Manage Form Generator feature in various module application provides the ability to enter multiple custom fields. When using Keywords in a template, these custom fields aren’t supported.

In this guide, we will look at a case to examine this function how Keywords in FranConnect can populate data from only a default field.

From Admin -> Info Mgr.


Click on Manage Form Generator under the Info Mgr tab and then click on Center Info.



Scroll to the Website field.

Click the Check Box under Active and Add to Center Info.

From the Info Mgr, click Franchisees, click a location and Modify the Center Info to enter a website of location.




From CRM under the marketing tab, select Campaign Center, click Create to create a Template and select Code your Own.



From the Keywords, enter Location Website create content and click Add.


Send the template to any contact under the location which has a website, the keywords would populate in the actual email.

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