P&L Reporting of Multiple Locations

If you are a multi-unit owner using one QuickBooks account to manage all of your businesses, you only have to log in once to the FranConnect System to map your locations with QuickBooks. Multi-Unit franchisees often manage this multiple business structure using QuickBooks Classes to separate income and expense entries by location, and FranConnect Finance supports this approach. To initiate the process of mapping, drag each of Your Locations to the appropriate QuickBooks Class as shown below and click Import.

Multi-unit franchise owners will see the Franchise ID drop-down to map and view each locations’ QuickBooks Chart of Accounts.

If you are a Multi-Unit franchise owner who manages each location with a different QuickBooks Online company, you can map your locations to separate QBO accounts by first selecting the target location in the system’s Location Selection Filter and then initiating the QuickBooks Import Process.

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