Time to Initial Contact of a Lead in Sales

FranConnect’s Dashboard Reports in Sales and other features now allow lead owners to review the initial contact made to leads.

Select Dashboard from Sales module, from the drop-down option for Switch to Dashboard, select Contact Report Dashboard.

Select the filters: Inquiry Date and Status Category Active, you can see the Criteria:

- Leads Received

- Leads got zero phone calls

- Leads got one phone call

- Leads contacted within 0-30 minutes by phone call

- Leads contacted within 30-60 minutes by phone call

- Leads contacted within 60-180 minutes by phone call

You can see results of the activity:
7-5-2022_9-27-24_AM.pngAnother Report:
> Reports > Lead Contacted Details Report.
This report shows Calls Made, Contacted and Mails Sent/Read against Leads in a given period.
Another Report:
Sales > Reports > Track Inactive (without any activity) Leads report.
This report shows how the consultants / Lead Owners are engaging with leads through the contact activity in given time period.

Another Report:
In Sales Report is Lead Status Pipeline Reports where you can see how long a lead was in system and then how long the lead was in a status.
Lead (1/2) so 1 would be the number of days the lead had been in a status and 2 would be the number days the lead was in the system.


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