How to add KPI (Key Performance Indicators) Goals in Royalty Manager

KPI (key performance indicators) is a blanket term for the types of markers that businesses use to measure performance in a variety of areas, from marketing to HR to finance. Keeping close tabs on your small business' financial performance is essential to long-term success.

FranConnect's Royalty Manager application offers a Tab for adding KPI goals to collect measures and calculate metrics.
In this guide, we will cover how to add KPI goals for Franchise locations and run a report from the Dashboard in Royalty Manager.

You can start of by clicking KPI in Royalty Manager.

Click Add Goals from the Goals Goal Year from the Drop Down and the Franchise ID.

Enter the data for each month of the year.

Click Save.6-17-2022_12-56-47_PM.pngTo run reports from the Dashboard Tab:
The Dashboard provides a breakdown of the Financial and non-Financial Indicators Goals vs the Actuals as well as a graph. It also helps to compare with the present and previous year’s Sales Growth.

You can either Print or View in PDF.

Click Dashboard Tab and enter the Franchise ID, Select Year and click Get Dashboard.6-17-2022_1-24-08_PM.png6-17-2022_1-26-21_PM.png6-17-2022_1-27-15_PM.png6-17-2022_1-27-39_PM.png6-17-2022_1-28-03_PM.png

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