Recovering (Un-Merging) a Merged Lead

For information on merging leads, please click here.

There are a few different reasons why you would want to un-merge a lead record. Maybe the wrong selections were made in the fields that you wanted to merge. Or, maybe they should remain as two, active lead records if the lead is inquiring about two separate area/regions that are assigned to different lead owners.

In Sales, when a lead record is merged, the two original records are 'Archived' and a third record is created as the new lead record. (e.g. Lead 'A' and lead 'B' are duplicate records. When they are merged, lead 'C' is created and 'A' and 'B' are moved to archived. With this information, we can now find the archived leads and move them back to active leads by performing the following: 

In Sales, select Search.

Change the radial option from Active Leads to Archived Leads. Also provide any additional information on finding the archived lead to narrow down your results. In this example, my merged leads name is 'John Snow'. 

sales_archivedname.pngSelect Search at the bottom of the form. Once the original lead records are found, select the checkbox next to their names and select Move to Active Lead(s).

sales_selectarchdupes.pngYou have now successfully recovered the original records of a merged lead. This process can be performed to recover any number of merged leads.

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