Information Manager – Transferring a Location

You can transfer the ownership of a Franchise to a new/existing owner when any of the existing owners are leaving the business, by following the steps listed below:

Select Franchisees from the Info Manager module.


The following screen displays a list of different Franchise Locations. Click a Franchise ID to view information associated with it.

6-9-2022_3-10-53_PM.pngThe following Center Info details appear, scroll down and click Transfer from the navigation vertical menu.

The following screen displays the transfer details of the Franchise ID, enter the information as described below.

6-14-2022_12-59-01_PM.pngYou can choose to assign a New Franchise ID for the location or continue with the existing one, by selecting either Yes or No. 

After selecting Yes, you can enter a new Franchise ID for the location in the Franchise ID field provided. If user wants to carry forward any specific tab's data into the newly created location then they will need to check the corresponding check boxes:

Note: This section will not appear if location is not being transferred as a new one


Provide the Seller/Signer details on the following screen 


In the following Buyer Details section, you can select the owner (buyer) by clicking the corresponding button. In case of a New Owner, enter the First Name and Last Name of the owner, and click Save


Note: In case of an Existing Owner, select the name of the owner from the Select Owner drop-down list. The MUID for the owner auto populates. Click Complete then Save to assign the ownership of the franchise to the selected owner.


Add Comments and Click Confirm.


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