All About the Unit Openings Dashboard

Welcome to the Unit Openings Dashboard in FranConnect Analytics! This powerful tool is designed to streamline and enhance the process of opening new units within your franchise. By tracking all tasks related to unit openings, the dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of your progress, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. Whether you're managing timelines, monitoring task completion, or overseeing team collaboration, the Unit Openings Dashboard offers the insights and control you need to open new units efficiently and effectively. In this article, we'll walk you through the key features and functionalities of the dashboard, helping you maximize its potential for your franchise operations.


Accessing the Unit Openings Dashboard

To access the Unit Openings Dashboard, first log into your FranConnect environment. Then click Analytics on the left-hand sidebar.


On the following page, click View on the "Unit Openings" card.


You will be taken to the following page:


Let's take a closer look at how to use this dashboard.

Unit Openings KPI Cards

At the top of the Unit Opening Dashboard, you will see four KPI cards - Projected Openings, FC Forecast, At Risk, and Actual Openings.


At the top of the box, you can filter these results by region.


Let's delve deeper into the origins of the data displayed on these cards within the FranConnect system.

  • Projected Openings: Opener → Unit Summary → Region Filter → Date Filter → Franchise ID → Reference Dates → Projected Opening Date
  • FC Forecast: Info Manager → In Development → Expected Opening Date Filter → Current Year Filter
  • At Risk: Opener → Unit Summary
  • Actual Openings: Opener → Unit Summary

Next, let's take a look at the Unit Openings Snapshot.

Unit Openings Snapshot

The Unit Openings Snapshot is a table that tracks the opening status of each franchise location in your franchise network.


This table shows each unit in your franchise network by default. However, you can use the filtering options above the table to narrow down your results.


Let's take a closer look at the sources of the data displayed in this table within the FranConnect system.

  • Expected Date: Opener → Unit Summary → Select Unit → Expected Opening Date
  • Days to Open: Opener → Reports → Status Report (Expected Opening Date - Current Date)
  • Task Status: Info Manager → Store Summary→ Franchise Selection Overview Page → Opener Checklist → Select Checklists according to the same filter
  • Reference Date Value: Info Manager → Store Summary→ Franchise Selection Overview Page → Reference Dates


Having read this article, you should now be familiar with the Unit Openings Dashboard and how to use it. To learn more about FranConnect Analytics, please check out our other Analytics articles.

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