All About the Broker Performance Dashboard

Welcome to the FranConnect Analytics Broker Performance Dashboard! This powerful tool is designed to help you easily monitor and analyze the performance of your brokers, providing you with the insights needed to drive more effective business decisions. In this article, we will guide you through the key features of the dashboard, show you how to navigate its interface, and explain how to interpret the data presented so you can optimize your brokerage operations. Whether you are looking to track sales trends, identify top performers, or pinpoint areas for improvement, the Broker Performance Dashboard is your go-to resource for comprehensive analytics.


Accessing the Broker Performance Dashboard

To access the Broker Performance Dashboard, first log into your FranConnect environment. On the left-hand sidebar, click Analytics.


On the following page, click View on the "Broker Performance" card.


You will be taken to the Broker Performance Dashboard:


Let's take a look at the different components of this dashboard.


The "Snapshot" card offers several KPI cards to track the performance of your brokers.


You can filter the data that is displayed in these KPI cards using the filter button above the card.


Let's delve into the areas within the FranConnect system where the data for these KPI cards is gathered.

  • Leads: Sales → Dashboard → Lead Count Dashboard
  • Brokers: Sales → Export → Broker Detail → Broker Type → View Data
  • Broker Referred Leads: Sales → Export → View Data
  • Broker Referred Franchise Awarded: Sales → Export → View Data
  • Conversion Rate: Conversion Rate - Broker Referred Franchise Award / Broker Referred Leads * 100

Next, let's take a look at the "Top Brokers" card.

Top Brokers

The "Top Brokers" card compares brokers' performance in franchising through three key metrics: Brokers Referred Leads, Brokers Referred Franchise Awarded, and Conversion Rate.


By examining these metrics, you can identify top performers who effectively convert leads into awarded franchises and analyze trends over time to spot improvements or declines. Comparing brokers helps establish standards for success, while directing resources to high-performing brokers maximizes efficiency. Additionally, developing strategies to enhance underperforming brokers' performance by learning from the best can further boost your franchising success. Leveraging this data enables you to make informed decisions and optimize broker relationships for better results.

This data is gathered from the following path: Sales → Report → Lead Source Report

Next, let's take a look at the "Broker Effectiveness" card.

Broker Effectiveness

The "Broker Effectiveness" card tracks the conversion rate of all of the brokers in your franchise network, enabling you to see which brokers provide the most bang for your buck.


You can use the "+" signs to drill down into different brokers and contacts as you can see in the example below:


Data for the "Broker Effectiveness" card can be validated using the following path in FranConnect: Sales → Reports → Lead Conversion by Broker Report


Having read this article, you should be familiar with how to read and navigate the Broker Performance Dashboard. To learn more about FranConnect Analytics, please check out our other Analytics guides.

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