All About the Lead Performance Dashboard

Navigating the world of franchise management can be overwhelming, but with FranConnect's analytics cards, you're equipped to dive deep into your lead performance data. These cards offer tailored insights, helping you make data-driven decisions to boost your franchise's operations. Let’s walk through each card and how you can use them to sharpen your lead management strategy.


Accessing the Lead Performance Dashboard

To access the Lead Performance Dashboard, first log into your FranConnect environment. Click Analytics on the left-hand sidebar.


On the following page, click the View button on the "Lead Performance" card.


You will be taken to the following page:


Next, let's take a look at each of the cards on the Lead Performance Dashboard.

Touchpoints by Engagement Type

The "Touchpoints by Engagement Type" card on the FranConnect Analytics dashboard provides a concise overview of different engagement types and their performance, comparing current metrics with those from the previous year. 


It offers filters for year, user, and engagement type, facilitating targeted analysis.


Further filtering options can be found using the "Filter" icon above the table.


Let's explore the locations within the FranConnect system where this data is collected.

  • Appointment: Sales → Export → Activity History - Calls → Communication Type → View data
  • Email Campaign: Sales →  Reports →  Number Of Emails Sent Report → Provide date in Inquiry Date
  • Outbound Call: Sales → Export → Activity History - Calls → search data → call section → Date from → Date to → Communication type → View data
  • Outlook Email: Sales → Export → Activity History - Outlook Emails → Search data → send date from → send date to → View data
  • Remarks: Sales → Export → Activity History - Remarks → Search data → Go to Remark → Add Date added from → Add Date added to → View data
  • Send Email: Sales → Reports → Email status report → View Report
  • SMS Campaign: Sales → Reports → SMS Send Report → View Report

The dashboard displays types of engagements such as appointments, email and SMS campaigns, outbound calls, and remarks, with numerical data and trend lines illustrating changes over time. Color coding (red for decreases, green for increases) helps quickly identify trends. The snapshot is refreshed regularly. This tool is essential for monitoring and optimizing lead management processes by quickly identifying areas needing attention based on year-over-year performance metrics.

Engagement Status

To get a broad view of how leads are interacting with your communications, the Engagement Status card is invaluable.


This card compares different types of engagement—like calls, emails, and SMS—to show which methods are most successful in advancing leads through your sales funnel. Let's explore the locations within the FranConnect system where this data is collected.

  • Email Contacted: Sales → Reports → Lead Contacted Details Report
  • Campaign Contacted: Sales → Export → Activity history -campaign Email → Search data → Campaign SMS → Campaign SMS Status → View data
  • Campaign Sent: Sales → Export → Activity history -campaign SMS → Search data → Campaign SMS → Campaign SMS Status → View data
  • Email Sent: Sales → Report → Email status report → View Report
  • Contacted: Sales → Export → Activity History-Calls → Call → Call status → Select date from → Select date to → View data
  • Created: 

Next, let's take a look at the "Engagement by Time of Day" card.

Engagement by Time of Day

The Engagement by Time of Day card helps you identify when your leads are most responsive, allowing you to tailor your communication schedule for maximum impact.


This data specifically shows the number of actions performed for a lead within each one-hour window in the previous week.

Engagement Type by User

Want to see who on your team is the most effective at engaging leads? The "Engagement Type by User" card reveals this, helping you understand team dynamics and individual performance.


This chart helps you to understand which users prefer which engagement types, allowing you to tailor your lead engagement experience to your company's specific strengths.

Engagement Trends by User

This grid shows you how frequently your users are engaging with leads.


The data is rendered by calculating the total number of lead activities performed by a user in a given year.


Understanding every interaction with your leads is crucial. The Touchpoints card maps out all points of contact, helping you evaluate how each touchpoint contributes to moving leads through your pipeline.



FranConnect Analytics cards are like having a high-powered microscope for examining your lead performance. By using these cards strategically, you can refine your approach, enhance lead engagement, and ultimately, see better conversion rates. If you need more detailed directions on navigating through FranConnect or using these analytics cards, please check out our Analytics articles, or feel free to reach out to support. Happy analyzing!

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