Managing Questions

Click on the Section heading of the Incident Report you wish to edit.  

Tip: Survey type tools include; Customer Feedback, External Surveys, Incident Reports, Location Reviews, Appraisals, Exit Interviews, and Internal Surveys.

Section Details

The top of this page displays a box that contains a few details about the survey and survey section that is currently being managed. This may differ slightly depending on the tool that is being used, and might show information that is specific to the tool at hand. It also has a Modify button, so you can easily make changes to the section.

Example Section Details of a survey type tool

Content Creation Bar

The Content Creation Bar contains buttons that allow you to create all the different types of questions that are available.

Survey Content Creation bar

Current Questions

The remainder of the page is made up of information relating to the survey questions that currently exist in the survey. Each table in this section corresponds to separate questions.

Current Questions

Each question table contains the following components:

  1. Question Type – The upper-left corner of each table contains the type of question. This can not be changed for existing questions.
  2. Score – This number represents the maximum possible score attainable for this question.
  3. Position # – This dropdown determines the ordering of the questions in the module. Open the dropdown and select a new value to rearrange the ordering of the questions.
  4. Required – Either a tick or a cross icon, representing whether or not that question is mandatory. When turned on, the surveyee may not submit the survey without having answered the question.
  5. Copy, Edit, Delete – Standard content management functions, found in a variety of tools. See Common Content Management Paradigms for more information.
  6. Question – To the right of the Position # is the given question of the slide.
  7. Answers – Depending on the type of question, the bottom part of the table can show the various possible answers for the question.

Note: After you've created your questions is necessary that at least one question is set as required inside each subsection. If all of the questions are not required the Location Review will not be able to be activated.

Survey Questions

For more information regarding the different types of questions that are available for survey type tools, see Survey Question Types.

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