Survey Question Types

Below are details about all the question types that are available for our Survey Tools.

Tip: Survey type tools include; Customer Feedback, External Surveys, Incident Reports, Location Reviews, Appraisals, Exit Interviews, and Internal Surveys.

There are 7 question types and a blurb option which you can use when building the report.

The blurb, while not actually a question, enables you to put additional information or images for reference when the person is filling in the review – you can also add a hyperlink to a document from manuals and files if they need to reference a policy or procedure during the submission.

The Rating Question is where you can ask for the submitter to give a rating for example out of 10 the atmosphere in the location when entering.

                                                                Example Rating Question 

The Advanced Rating Question (only applicable to Appraisals) is similar to Rating Questions, but with the added ability to give explicit descriptions of what each number range should mean, as well as a general Criteria Description. These range descriptions apply to ranges 1-3, 4-7, and 8-10.

                                                              Example Advanced Rating Question

Multiple Choice is a one answer option question for example true/false, yes/no, right side/left side. Further explanation detail can be included as notes for these questions and there are a maximum of 20 answer fields available.

                                                                  Example Multiple Choice Question 

Tick box is a multiple answer option for example the lights, windows and fittings or Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

                                                                   Example Tick Box Question 

Long Answer Questions allow for the user to enter free text (up to 20,000 characters). 

                                                             Example Long Answer Question 

Short Answer Questions allow for the answer to be a few words to a single line.

                                                              Example Short Answer Question 

Date/Time question will allow the person to add in filtered information. Options for this question include only a date, only the time or both.

                                                            Example Date/Time Question

File upload enables the person to add in videos, images or documents as they are filling the form in. 

                                                              Example File Upload Question

Build the template following this process.

Once you have completed you can activate and test out.

Note: you can test by emulating to a test account or in the Location Reviews tool → View Results → New Location Review.

Common Elements


Rating, Multiple Choice, and Tick Box questions have a scoring mechanism that allows for quick and simple assessment of submitted surveys. 

The scoring for Rating Questions are quite simple – the numerical answer provided corresponds to the score value it adds. For example, if a user's answer is 6, 6 is added to their survey's overall score.

In the case of Multiple Choice questions, each potential answer can be given a score value, and when the survey is being completed by a user, the value that was set for the chosen answer is added to the overall score.

Tick Box questions are similar in that each potential answer can be given a score value, but because of the nature of the question, the scoring is determined by adding up the values that are set for all the chosen answers, which are then added to the overall score.


Every question type (excluding Blurbs) can be made mandatory using this setting. A user will be unable to submit the survey without providing an answer to any question that is marked as Required in the survey.

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