Providing Access to Content by Date using Appraisals

In this article, we are going to show you a way to make content available after a certain period of time using the Allow access by employment length functionality of Appraisals and the Lock Content Sequence option from the Fuel gauges tool. This would provide access to users according to a specific date based on the Start date of the account, showing a different way to let users complete training content at specific periods of time.

Setting up the Appraisal

To start building this workflow it is necessary to have an Appraisal as the first item within a fuel gauge, to make sure that the first element the user needs to complete is the Appraisal, this appraisal could be used as an acknowledgement or a placeholder for the following content on the fuel gauge.

Note: Since elements within fuel gauges are organized alphanumerically it is recommended to use numbers like 01. Appraisal to provide an order on how the elements will be completed, for more information on this, please check the following article: Alphanumeric Ordering on your Platform

Also, it is necessary to make sure the option Allow access by employment length is active when creating the appraisal, this will determine when each user will have access to the content on the specific fuel gauge associated with the appraisal:

 After this we will need to lock the sequence of the fuel gauge associated with the appraisal so the appraisal is the first item within the fuel gauge to complete:

Setting up the Fuel Gauge

Now once the Appraisal has been created and is the first element on the fuel gauge we will lock the sequence of the fuel gauge which will force the user to complete all the elements within the fuel gauge downward, for more information please check the following article:  Lock Fuel Gauge Sequence and/or Lock Content Sequence

Once this has been completed all the elements within the Fuel gauge Working From Home will appear for the users that comply with the required Start Date, if this requirement is not fulfilled they will not be able to click on the training elements of the fuel gauge and finish training within the fuel gauge.

If you have additional questions regarding this process or need further assistance with any of the steps provided here, please send an email to

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