Adding Sections to Appraisals

Sections are a way for you to divide the Appraisal into smaller, more manageable parts. Once the Appraisal has been created, you are ready to start adding Sections to your Appraisal, after which you will be able to add questions.

In the Appraisals tool, click on the name of the Appraisal that you would like to add Sections to. After that, you should see a list of the names of any Sections that currently exist in that Appraisal. Click the New Section button towards the top of the page to add a new Section to that Appraisal.

New Section page

Here, you can simply enter the Name you would like to give to the section. If you are creating this new Section for a Two Way Appraisal, you must also decide whether this section is to be completed by the Appraiser or the Appraisee. See Appraisal Types – Two Way Appraisals for more information.

When you are ready, click Save and you will be able to add more Sections, or start adding Questions to your Sections.

Sign Off Section

All Appraisals have a special Section added to the end, representing the Sign Off action. This is mandatory on Self and Two Way Appraisals, and must be performed by the Appraiser.

When the Appraiser is signing off on the Appraisal, they are first presented with some text, typically explaining the conditions that should be met, as well as a tick box that must be checked before being able to sign off the Appraisal. The messages that are presented here can be edited by editing this final Sign Off Section.

Updating the Sign Off Section

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