Training Stats - Sign Offs (National)

The "Sign Offs" report provides a summary of the status of all Sign Offs within the selected country. The report can be accessed in the 'Stats & Reports' tool under the Training Stats section.

This article provides instructions on generating the 'Detailed Stats' report for Sign Offs. Please see below:

1. Choose desired Target Location, Target Group and View

Note: You can only choose the By Individual 'View' for this type of report. The other selectors will be grayed out/disabled.

Tip: A date range can also be selected to narrow down results.

2. Choose 'Detailed Stats → Sign Offs', then choose the fuel gauge(s) you wish to report on (in this example, we'll choose "All Fuel Gauges")

3. Click the Generate button

4. Once the report has been generated (on the page), you will see multiple reporting types/buttons to view this data in, as shown below:

 Save  - Allows you to save this specific report (click here for more information)

 Print  - Opens a PDF version of the data (in .PDF format)

 CSV  - Opens a CSV version of the data (in .CSV format)

 Excel  - Opens an Excel version of the data (in .XLS format)

Below you can see an example of this report which details the following:

  • User's name
  • Location the user belongs to
  • Date the sign off was completed (sign off name will be displayed as the heading)
  • Total number of sign offs completed (by user)
Name Location
Example Sign Off
John Smith Sydney 11/04/2017
Peter Citizen Brisbane 04/02/2017
Jane Doe Melbourne 26/07/2017

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