Manuals and Files Report

The Manuals and Files Report at National level that shows:

  • Name - Name that was given to the file
  • Filename -  Uploaded file name and size
  • Folder Level - The complete folder path for the file
  • Created By - Administrator that uploaded the file
  • Uploaded Date - Displays what date and time the file was uploaded (this is automatically adjusted for user time zones)
  • Active - Shows the current status of the file
  • View - Total amount of previews of the file for Previewable file types
  • Downloads - Total amount of downloads
  • Total - Views + Download = Total

You can navigate to this report by going to:

(National Level) System → Stats and Reports → Communication/ I.T. Stats

You can also drill down into the report to see individuals who have downloaded the file by clicking on the Total number as outlined below


Please contact a member of the brand team or email: if you have any questions.


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