Seek StandOut Ads

When posting Seek job ads from your World Manager platform, you have the ability to make them StandOut ads.

Important: You will need to have Seek StandOut logos/templates configured in your Seek account - which is done by Seek directly. If you do not have any, or are unsure, please contact your Seek account manager first.

What is a StandOut ad?

Seek StandOut ads allow you to customise the ad's template, by including branding, such as; a company logo and cover image as key parts of the ad. These branding features are much more prominent when a candidate views a job ad, and show consistently across mobile and desktop devices. They also feature (and 'stand out') in candidate search results.

Where do I start?

Firstly, you must ensure that the (Seek) Job Ad Posting function is enabled on your platform. Please refer to the Setting up your Seek Integration article for more information.

How do I use my StandOut templates?

To use a StandOut template, choose the StandOut option under the Ad Type section when creating/updating Seek ads.

Important: Additional Seek fees apply when using this ad type. If you are unsure, please discuss this with your Seek account manager directly.

Tip: For more information on creating an external Seek job ad, please refer to the Creating an External Job Ad - Seek article.

If you have any questions, please contact

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