Apply with Seek Workflow

The Apply with Seek button can be used by applicants to apply for a position with pre-filled information from their Seek profile.

Important: In order to view/use the Apply with Seek button, the Enable Apply With SEEK option must be enabled on your platform. For more information, you can refer to the Setting up your Seek Integration article.

Giving Seek Authorisation

When an applicant clicks on the Apply with Seek button, they must authorise Seek to provide the platform to access their profile details.

To do this, applicants will be automatically redirected to the Seek website, where they will be required to log in (if applicable) and provide authorisation for the platform to access various Seek details (e.g. profile, contact details, resume etc.).

Once they have allowed access, by clicking on the Allow access button, they will be automatically redirected back to the platform, and their Seek details will be pre-filled into the application form. This is extremely  allowing the candidate to skip entering their details manually on the platform.

Viewing Seek Applicants

For information on viewing/report on Seek applicants, you can refer to the Viewing Seek Applicants article.

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