Setting up your Seek Integration

Setting up the Seek Integration on your World Manager platform, allows for Seek job ad management, as well as the ability for applicants to apply for positions using their Seek account/profile.

To set this up, the first thing to do is contact your Seek account manager to obtain your Hirer ID and also ask them to enable the integration for your World Manager platform, then contact to validate the hirer ID.

Important: The Hirer ID needs to be validated via before proceeding with the configuration below

SEEK Settings

Once you have obtained your Seek Hirer ID, it will need to be entered into your platform. See instructions below:

1. Select a country

2. Go to Human Resources → Recruitment

3. Click on the SEEK button

4.Click on the Settings button

5. In the Hirer ID field, enter the value provided to you by Seek

6. Click on the Update button

Note: The Hirer ID is required & used for both the Job Ad Posting and Enable Apply with SEEK functionalities.

Job Ad Posting

Enabling the Job Ad Posting option will allow you to post, update and/or expire job ads on Seek via your platform.

Enable Apply With SEEK

Enabling the Enable Apply With SEEK option provides applicants with the ability to apply for positions using the account details from their Seek profile. The details from their Seek account will be pre-filled in their job application, which includes; their first name, last name, email address, phone number, address and resume. 

Note: When an applicant is applying for a position, an "Apply with SEEK" button is available to them (as pictured below).

If you have any questions, please contact

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